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Cresta Lodge - Gaborone

Samora Machel Dr, South East Gaborone, Botswana

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My name is Fred Opere and I was a guest at Cresta Lodge, Gaborone for 2 nights from March 5th – 7th.  Unfortunately, my experience in your establishment was not a pleasant one.  Let me recount three incidences which really made my experience less than stellar.

1.     On the evening of March 5th (Monday), I asked the front desk to call me a cab to take me to the Grand Palm.  The gentleman at the front desk said that he couldn’t do so but instead told me he could give me a number to call.  I tried to insist that most hotels call cabs for their guests, particularly when they are foreigners.  However, he still refused to call a cab for me.  I decided to then take matters in my own hands and hail a cab from outside the gates of the hotel.  However, when I got to the gate the G4S guards asked me if there was anything I needed.  When I told them what I needed, they called a cab for me.

Conclusion: the G4S guards at your gate are more helpful than your front desk staff (you can confirm this by asking the guards about the ‘makwerewere’ who needed a cab).

2.     On the morning of March 6th (Tuesday), again I requested for a cab to take me to the Grand Palm hoping for better service.  This time a different gentleman (I think his name was Domine) called a cab for me and it did arrive on time.  However, the cab was unmarked and the cab driver was dressed in shorts and sandals.  When I asked Domine, if his boss would step into such a cab, he admitted that he wouldn’t.  At least he tried, although the cab driver was a Tsotsi.

Conclusion: your front desk staff lack good judgment

3.     On the evening of March 6th, I asked the front desk for a wake-up call at 04:45 the following morning.  With my experiences at your hotel, I decided I needed to set my own alarm just in case.  I received a call at 05:15 and when I asked why my call was 30 minutes, the front desk attendant (his name maybe Thole) told me that his was watch was adjusted to the same time as the radio station and the radio station had the wrong time.  He actually told me this and found it an acceptable explanation.

Conclusion: your front desk staff are morons (Very unfortunate word choice A. Erwee Temba)

·       You have a wonderful shuttle service, but it wouldn’t work for rides within Gaborone.  You obviously need to have some type of contract with a reputable cab company and train your staff on how to handle customers who need their services.  This wouldn’t cost you anything and would relieve your staff of too much thinking which it seems they don’t do too well
·       Your staff needs to tune in to different radio stations that have the correct time

Fred Opere
Client Services Manager
Cisco Systems
7th Floor, Landmark Plaza
Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi